Aerial & Scissor Lift Safety Training

This course consists of a 2-hour classroom setting and continued 2-hour practical application of lift operation. This course includes a PPT presentation, handout for review and study, hands on material of PPE and practical skills application. It also includes a written exam on the materials learned during the 2 hours of classroom training and practical evaluation.  This course follows OSHA recommendation for training of authorized persons allowed to operate an aerial lift. 


  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Employed
  • Sign a medical release waiver of liability

Class Size: limit 6 students per instructor

Time: 2 hours classroom instruction; 2 hours practical application

Course Topics/Outline:

  1. Training Provider and Employer Responsibilities
    1. Liability and Policy
  2. Regulations and Standards
    1. OSHA CFR 1926.453
    2. ANSI A92.2
  3. Training Requirements
    1. Purpose and use of manuals
    2. Storage of manuals
    3. How to perform inspections
    4. Responsibilities associated with problems or malfunctions
    5. Factors affecting stability
    6. Applicable electrical safety NESC
    7. Operator requirements
    8. Operation and use
    9. Proper fall protection
  4. Inspections
    1. Pre-Start Inspections
    2. Periodic Inspections
    3. Worksite Inspections
  5. Safe Operation
    1. Safety features
    2. Loads
    3. Moving 
    4. Transferring from the basket/platform
  6. Fall Protection
    1. Equipment/PPE
    2. Where PFAS is applicable
  7. Safe Storage
    1. Properly securing the lift 

Practical Exercise

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 3.22.26 PM

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