Each student attending training must fully understand the risks involved with working at heights. Vertex Safety Resources provides the knowledge and skills required to work safely, however, it is up to each individual performing tasks at height to take responsibility for their own actions and practice 100% fall protection and remain within their own limitations and abilities. 


  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Employed
  • Sign a medical release waiver of liability

The Authorized Climber/Rescuer course is for those who have not been exposed to the use of fall protection equipment or have limited experience (typically less than 90 days). Authorized Climbers work under the direct supervision of more experienced climber whose employer would designate to be competent.  This course is comprised of both classroom training and practical application on various fall protection systems, tower climbing techniques and the importance of rescue planning and emergency action plans.

Regulations & Standards:

This course meets OSHA’s Fall Protection regulations, ANSI Z359, Z490.1 & 10.48, and NATE CTS.

Class Size: limit 6 students per instructor

Time: Two days (16 hours) 8 hours classroom instruction; 8 hours practical application

Certification Duration: 12 months (1 year) 

Program Administrator
f) The program administrator shall measure and evaluate the effectiveness of the training program by conducting periodic evaluations and making improvements accordingly. It is recommended that employee evaluations be performed annually to ensure proficiency or more frequently, if deemed necessary.

Course Topics:

  • Training Provider and Employer Responsibilities
  • Regulations and Standards
  • Fall Protection Hierarchy
  • Primary and Secondary Connections
  • Anchorages and Anchorage Connectors
  • Full Body Harness
  • Energy Absorbing Lanyards
  • Work Positioning
  • Self-Retracting Devices
  • Safety Climb Devices
  • Vertical Lifelines and Rope Grabs
  • Ladder Climbing Devices
  • Horizontal Lifelines
  • Synthetic Rope
  • Descent Control
  • Climbing Techniques
  • Pre-planning
  • Rescue Techniques

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